The first Huddle

When Clym Atkin and Jill Viccars’ brother-in-law died by suicide, they found that no one knew how to talk about it. It was hard to find resources to deal with their feelings, and there were no provincial or federal prevention strategies. Since mental health problems affect one in five Albertans, they thought they can’t be the only ones struggling.

Why Huddle Up?

Teams huddle up for different reasons: to lift each other, to form a strategy, and to decide on action. Huddle Up for Suicide Prevention does all of these things.


We started as a community movement to make suicide safe to talk about. We know that friends, family, and community form our strongest networks; if those closest to us knew how to talk about it, listen to each other, and notice signs of struggle, the risk of succumbing would decrease.


We run initiatives and recommend resources to prevent suicide and help everyone it affects. The initiatives include events we create, a Huddle Up bus for public places, mental health agency donations, letters to government, and an interactive website with resources and stories.


We raise money to fund the initiatives by selling tickets to football games (including a tailgate party), asking for donations on our website, hosting music festivals, and selling branded toques, caps, and other gear that invite talking and sharing. To help the team, your loved ones, and yourself, you can:

  • buy tickets and come to our events
  • drink and gift our special Village Brewery beer
  • contribute SWAG for our silent auction
  • donate money
  • kick in time at events or help organize them
  • promote our events at your business or on your website
  • provide space

Our sponsors

Thank you to our generous community, we can’t do this without you.