Our next play

EVENT CANCELLED due to Covid-19. Our next event is May 23, 2020 in Edmonton. Join us for our first Huddle out of the stands and at the start line – join us for Joggin’ for Your Noggin! A fun, family and all level friendly 10km or 5km run/walk. Held at the Whitemud Park in Edmonton with a celebration Huddle at the Alfred Savage Centre after the race.

Our focus is to bring Huddle Up league-wide – With the CFL’s help, we can make a bigger difference! We have begun talks with the league and CFL Commissioner, Randy Ambrosie to see if we can make this dream come true. Not for us. Not for money. For the people it can help; for the people it can save. The need to normalize conversations around mental health is clear among players, alumni and fans.


To help, you can:

  • buy tickets to our events
  • buy our beer
  • contribute SWAG for our silent auction
  • donate money
  • kick in time at events or help organize them
  • promote our events at your business or on your website
  • provide space

If you are interested in bringing Huddle Up to your city, please connect! Send us an email.

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A winning record so far

Our first goal was to raise awareness in our community. We will never stop doing that, and what’s more, our definition of community has expanded. In the last three years, we have:


Tickets sold to our gatherings


Local businesses and people involved in our initiatives


Raised for mental health

Additionally, we have interviewed prominent Albertans about their experiences, partnered with Village Brewery, Concorde Restaurant Group, Spolumbos, and learned that neither our provincial nor federal governments have suicide prevention strategies; that places with good ones reduce suicide rates dramatically; and that there are programs being created right now.

We also learned that Quebec lowered its rate from 26.5 to 14.6 people per 100,000 in ten years after implementing a program.

Check out our past events for photos and info on how we have supported community